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Daily Archives: 03/09/2014

Walking The Cat (as you do)

Life did as life will do and went and got in the way this week, so instead of a pithy offering from my forked tongue (via my elegantly manicured talons), I shall leave you with this picture.

I took this whilst out walking my cat, because yes, I have become the sort of woman who does that in public (in stilettos, to be more precise). Judge all you like – I haven’t even got so far as writing a piece on his sartorial highlights yet (from Santa hat to sailor suit).

The locals have grown rather accustomed to the sight and only laugh a little bit as we trot on by, mainly because we appear to have, according to one wide-eyed chap, been out-weirded by some freak who walks his ferret on a lead. I have to say that the most bizarre thing about all this is people in London actually talking to each other. Perverts.

Have a lovely week.


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